Shirin: "Y-you… Lived in a tribe too?," she breathed in disbelief, "I-I… Yeah of course! Most of our rituals were based around the hunts, new life and so on because my tribe worshiped the deity, Vedis, who was a bringer of life and plenty… Our main ones were celebrations when new enders were brought into the world and rites of passage when an ender went on and completed one of their first successful hunts by themselves… Our daily activities were pretty natural and relaxed and full of laughter and stories." Shirin paused a moment, scratching at her neck, “and… What about you? What was your tribe like?”  


Endy: I was also too young to experience them all, but most of them were about taking care of the nature like, replacing flowers into the better areas, giving them more sun by removing blocks and so on. Just helping the nature to grow beautiful and strong, because she’s the mother of everything.
We had a pretty peaceful life as well. We didn’t even hunt, if we eat a meat it was only chicken meat. My people were also making simple jewelry and dyes which were also used during the rituals. We were usually spending our time hiding under the trees, we believed they are kind spirits deep inside, giving a good energy to this world..

If I might make a request: If you see / are told of Anons claiming to speak for you (ex: the "OMG u breaking Lila's green-eye headcanon!"), especially those harassing users doing so, might you tell them to sit down and hush up? Or, heck, just do so now and say "Harassing blogs with comments like 'You're just jealous', 'Lila said [x] how dare you do [y]!', and so-on will not be tolerated"? You ARE looked up to by a fair bit of the MC Community, so silence on the matter is oft taken as acceptance.



I guess I need to give a long speech.

You’ll might be surprised but silence means also that the one have NO IDEA about what happened.
Because people kept their mouths shut instead of telling me that they get hurt and then raging because I don’t help people who I don’t know at all. I got no informations about people getting hate anons because of my headcanons.

I can’t control people I’m like every other ask blogger here god damn it! How the hell can I know about everything what happens in the fandom?! There are hundreds of people and I can’t follow them all! Every time I stumbled upon someone getting hate because of shit I create I was helping them! But I’m not responsible for everyone, you’re not my kids. Also I didn’t see any danger so I didn’t react! I was creating my story, peacefully.

I’ve never even considered myself as a part of this fandom since it started to grow HUGE, and all these dramas I wasn’t part of started as well. I kept my story away from that. It wasn’t my problems.

In my opinion blogs are like fanfics, they comes from our imagination and they are our own separate stories about fictional characters. People have different headcanons, some people like to use few of mine and I’m okay with this as I am okay with completely different ones. Me and Jack also have different headcanons even if we kinda share the same story, but it doesn’t matter! The fun is what matters, the peace is what matters. I remember the times when the fandom was small with less than 10 ender ocs and we were all like a family..

This is what I always wanted for this fandom, friendships, caring about each other and tolerating each other’s ideas. But people likes to make me a bad guy for their own unknown reasons. People also like to judge other’s choices and actions even if they don’t know the reasons behind them. Some people hate because it’s fun “haters gonna hate” or because they heard a one sentence of bullshit about hooow baad is thaat persoon. It’s more comfortable than talking and asking for truth, searching for proof. Only taking the info second hand… You people must know so well and so close the actual person who you never talked with, to spread the hate and gossips around about them, huh~

I’ve been posting my point of view many times but people are idiots, and keep spreading hate without me knowing about it. I have no idea who are these people but I would personaly love to slap their faces as hard as possible for all this anon hate and making people leave their ocs. It’s fucking dumb, they can’t see that every blog can have a different story, different headcanons about a damn game made of blocks. They have no rights for doing it.

It feels like people are angry at me for creating my own oc, my own story. I am not responsible for fanatics I have no idea about.

About enderfoo. I only know the nickname. I guess we never even talked. I think I’ve never followed that blog, and people told me nothing about him/her. I have no idea what post you mean.

I closed myself to fandom, I stay away from all this shit for about year. I only continue my story, I keep my oc alive and I rp with people.

I’ve been never hating on anyone, I have never sent an anon hate and I do not tolerate it AT ALL. I have mental problems myself so I know how painful it can be.

Lila’s out.

Now leave me alone.

I’m not part of it anymore.

This is something that really makes me mad. People think that they can send and spread hate as they please without any consequences! You will be caught and you better have some heavy proof next to your words, if you start spreading rumours about someone - especially if the rumours are something serious. That’s something that can be taken as a personal insult and someone can sue you for it, because you are destroying someone’s personal and social life.

I have to say that I can not understand why people think Lilaira should be responsible for the hate that’s going around about some green eyed enders. She can not and should not follow every single blog and stop every single hate there is. She’s not the creator of green eyed endermen, she only made one character. She’s not the head of the fandom (not even part of it, as she said) and she’s not anyone’s boss. Why are people blaming her about something that isn’t her fault and she can’t do anything about it? Why are people blaming her for something she doesn’t even know of?

I have had my share of rumours and lies around my name and I have had it. The thing that makes me more furious is that someone close to me has to endure it too. If you people have a problem with someone, go talk to that person and sort things out or just leave the person alone. If you have the balls to spread rumours only for your own entertainment, you should have the balls to go and talk. Try to be mature for Pete’s sake, we’re not small children anymore. Seriously.

What’s with the hate towards people’s characters? Come one, I can not understand the huge need to go and scream your hate towards other characters, which might not be the same as your headcanons say. Create your own characters and leave others be. We have different views and imaginations. Live with it. Yes, there’s characters that I don’t like and are funny in my opinion, but do I don’t go screaming it to the creators, do I? No. I don’t. I don’t see any reason for it.

266: inverted versions, shadows of our previous lifes.


266: inverted versions, shadows of our previous lifes.


a little break between studying


a little break between studying

An Important Message From The Hub.



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Endy: I don’t need to be nice to anyone.. but I’ll try…

No I don’t remember him.. I guess It’s the matter of traumatic past I wanted to forget about.. and also I was too young to recognize everyone in the tribe.

I gave him a room in my ravine so he could stay there until he feels better, that’s all I can do right now. I only hope he won’t bother us..

He is a glitch and he might be dangerous, I’d rather stay away from him.. He only seems calm..

Yes.. I am confused as hell… I don’t know if I should believe him or just treat him as a freak..


" Flower, Handsome? "

(( Earlier concepts ))


finished uvu


finished uvu

43, 51


(( Endy ))

43: Who is your OCs biggest hero?


51: What is your OCs favorite genre of music?

Rock and Metal.

OC questions for Endy! 13, 17, 22, 24 , 36, 43, 46 and 59!


13: What is your OCs earliest memory?

That would be the first page from the childhood comic uvu

17: How long can your OC hold their breath?

ohhh.. I think.. he could.. for a long time.. I.. guess?

22: Has your OC ever killed someone?

…I think he would like to keep that secret, especially now..

24: What does your OC smell like?

his skin doesn’t smell at all.

36: What turns your OC on?

…bandages, bondage, wide smiles, huge fangs…

43: Who is your OCs biggest hero?


46: Is your OC loyal?

…weeelll……That would be a long story.

59: What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?

Tongue showing? Pretty often?

40 c:


40: What is the craziest thing your OC has done?

Insulted Grimm’s sister in front of him / overdosed redstone almost to death.


Have some enderstuff I drew recently.

Also Bonus:


If you want to see some arogant jerk singing this song.